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Dear Customers and Business Partners,

As in the past, Aktaş Group has once more achieved the growth of has planned in the base oil and petrochemicals industry by remaining loyal to its fundamental values of respect towards humans and the environment, customer satisfaction, honesty and transparency and employee well-being, all of which constitute the basis of its success.

As Aktaş Group, while developing our current product portfolio comprising petrol derivatives, we also increase the number of our business partners each day. In our fields of operations we initiated cooperations with the largest players of the sector in various regions of the world, this having taken yet another step in becoming a global player.

As Aktaş Group, which has a respectable position on the national and international platforms, we are rightfully proud of facing the future with greater confidence and of continuing to contribute to the chemistry of the growth of the country’s economy thanks to the strength lent us by all our suppliers, business partners, customers and employees.

Best Regards,

Mustafa Aktaş

Chairman of the Board

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