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The foundations of Aktas Group which is operating on petrochemical area with Oil and Petrolium products is established by our CEO Mr. Mustafa Aktas in 1990.

Aktas Group which is established for trading of petrochemical products in international markets has Aktas Chemical Foreign Trade Limited Company, and also  efforded by adding new companies and brands in its own structure in order to take place as a manufacturer  with its own product supplying in its sector in course of time.

For this purpose, Rexoil Petrochemical  Co. is established in 2012. Rexoil got required certificates related to production and quality, and obtained a respectable place with  its Rexoil and Apex brands in its field.

Our Group Company has a head Office in Kozyatagı/ISTANBUL and manufacturer plant (Factory) in OSG,Tuzla with  4500 square meter indoor area with three floor (Total 13.500 square meters).

Our Group which is at upper level in international arenas  has strong capital structure as of today, gives direction and being pioneer on its sector. Our Group is proud to conribute on our country’s image and respect.

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